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Estrella 4.6%
1/2 £2.60 • PT £5.00

Lager brewed in Barcelona, Spain.

Magic Rock – Saucery 3.9%
1/2 £2.50 • PT £4.60

Session Pale Ale (GF).

Magic Rock – Promised Land 4.5%
1/2 £2.60 • PT £5.00
German Style Pilsner – Official beer to
commemorate HTAFC’s 2017 promotion.


Magic Rock – Grapefruit Highwire 5.5%
330ml • £3.80

Magic Rock Salty Kiss 4.1%
330ml • £3.80

Magic Rock Highwire 5.5%
330ml • £3.80

Magic Rock Fantasma (GF) 6.5%
330ml • £3.80


Peroni 5.1% £3.50

Brooklyn 5.2% £4.35

Aspall’s cider 5.5% £5.50

Heineken zero 0% £3.00

Old Mout Cider 4% £5.00
Pomegranate & Strawberry
Pineapple & Raspberry
Berries & Cherries
Kiwi & Lime


AJ’s Porn Star £7.00
Passion fruit purée with vanilla vodka and passion fruit liqueur. Topped with a passion fruit meringue and caramelised passion fruit. Served with a side
of Prosecco.

Mojito £7.00
A refreshing Cuban classic available in two different flavours. Fresh mint, sugar syrup, fresh lime muddled together with a large measure of white rum topped
with a dash of soda and crushed ice.

Peach and Passion Fizz £7.00
Bringing back everyone’s favourite. A long drink combining peach liqueur, passion fruit liqueur and orange spirit, lengthened with lemonade.

Strawbet Shake £7.00
Vodka poured over strawberry sorbet topped with Prosecco and a dash of grenadine.

Lady in Pink £7.00
Raspberry vodka shaken with lychee syrup and cranberry juice strained and topped with raspberry foam.

Baileys Float £7.00
Lashings of Baileys, a splash of Disaranno and spiced rum shaken with milk with a float of white chocolate ice cream and chocolate dust.

Tennessee Nights £7.00
Lashings of Jack Daniels, a splash of apricot brandy, lemon juice, vanilla syrup shaken and topped with ginger beer, and garnished with a lemon twist.

Mocha Espresso Martini £7.00
Vodka, Kahlua and chocolate liqueur shaken in equal quantities with locally sourced ‘Coffee Brothers’ espresso. Served with a stick of chocolate. A chocolaty twist on a classic.

Jam Doughnut Martini £7.00
Vodka shaken with raspberry liqueur, milk and a little double cream. Served with whipped cream and a strawberry.

AJ’s Zombie £9.00
This one comes with rules… only two per customer! A seriously boozy mix of four different rums, apricot brandy and pineapple juice.

Mezcal Margarita £7.00
Mezcal (super tasty tequila) shaken with orange liqueur and oodles of fresh lime. Served in a sea salt rimmed glass.

Aloe & Cucumber Gin, elderflower liqueur, apple juice over crushed ice topped with soda.

Frozen Cocktails

Love Island Ice Slush £10.00
One for the booze lovers! Vodka, Gin, orange liqueur, white rum and tequila are blended with ice and fresh lime and topped with cola.

Watermelon Coooooler £9.00
Watermelon liqueur blended with lashings of local Divine Gin and fresh lime. A  wonderfully refreshing frozen cocktail.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri £9.00
A hefty measure of white Rum is blended with oodles of fresh lime and balanced with sugar to create this simple, but classic frozen twist on a classic frozen Daiquiri.

Non- Alcholic

Raspberry Ting £4.00
Fresh raspberries and mint muddled together and topped with grapefruit Ting.

Nutcase £4.00
Orange, pineapple, almond and lime flavours shaken together and topped with pomegranate syrup.



Pinot grigio
Bottle £16 • 250ml £6 • 175ml £4 • 125ml £3
Ancora, Veneto, Italy. Everyone’s favourite light white, notes of lychee and watermelon.

Sauvignon Blanc
Bottle £19 • 250ml £7 • 175ml £6 • 125ml £5
Cloud Factory, Marlborough, New Zealand.
Ripe gooseberry and crisp cleansing fresh finish.



Bottle £16 • 250ml £6 • 175ml £4 • 125ml £3
Rio del Mar, Chilli. Plump, jammy
red with hints of smoked plum.

Bottle £20 • 250ml £7 • 175ml £5 • 125ml £4
Pablo y Walter, Argentina. Spiced
damson fruit and a good body.



Bottle £17 • 250ml £6 • 175ml £5 • 125ml £4
White Zinfandel, California, USA. The ever popular strawberries and cream in a glass.

Bottle £19
Vaporetto Valdobbliadene from the best prosecco producing town.

Bottle £50

Tattinger Brut Reserve, NV. Citrus, fresh yet delicate honeyed palate.

Gins & Tonics


Tanqueray Dry Gin 44.1% £3.00

‘Divine’ NUM8ER Eorl Crabtree Gin 40% £4.50

‘Divine’ Raspberry Gin 40% £4.50

Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin 43% £4.50

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger 43% £4.50

Whitley Neill Parma Violet 43% £4.50



Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water £2.10

Fever-Tree Indian Slimline Tonic Water £2.10

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water £2.10

Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water £2.10


Here at AJ’s we change our spirit selection regularly, so we won’t try and write them all down. Above is our continuous spirit selection, please have a glance at the bar or ask a member of our team for our current full selection and specials.



Vanilla £4.00

Strawberry £4.00

Milk Chocolate £4.00

Fudge £4.00

White chocolate £4.00



Non Alcoholics Specials

Banana and White Chocolate Split £5.00
Chocolate and banana shake with cream, chocolate sauce and foam bananas.

Triple Chocolate Brownie Milkshake £5.00
A chocoholic’s dream… dark, milk and white chocolate topped with cream, chocolate powder, three chocolate sauces, a stick of chocolate and a brownie.

What the Fudge?! £5.00
A seriously indulgent blend of milk chocolate, fudge and a little sea salt.



Alcoholics Specials

The Kraken £7.00
A hefty measure of Kraken Spiced Rum brings booze to a salted caramel flavoured shake. Topped with whipped cream and fudge pieces.

Biscuits and Cream £7.00
Oreo shake with Baileys instead of milk, topped with whipped cream & Oreo cookies.

The Battenberg £7.00
Rich vanilla shake spiced with Amaretto. topped with whipped cream & Battenberg.




Soft Drinks


Coca cola £2.50

Diet coca cola £2.50

Schweppes lemonade £2.50

Fanta £2.50

Fruit Juice £2.70
Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, Apple





Ting £2.50
Sparkling Grapefruit

Ben Shaw’s £2.50
Cloudy Lemonade
Dandelion & Burdock
Bitter Shandy
Cream Soda





Coca cola floats £2.50

Ben Shaw’s cream soda floats £2.50

Ben Shaw’s Dandelion £2.50
& Burdock float






Sparking Water £2.80

Still Water £2.80





Hot Drinks


All of our coffee is locally roasted and sourced from
Coffee Brothers, a Huddersfield-based company.




Flat White






Hot chocolate £2.50

Luxury hot chocolate £3.00





Yorkshire English breakfast £2.00

Tea Pigs £2.00
Earl Grey
Lemon & Ginger